Foreign trade consultant

Foreign trade consultant
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Foreign trade consultant

We are registered service providers in the field of internatinal trade, export import advisory, consulting, licensing, training & coaching, marketing & sourcing, representation and allied services since 1986.


01. International Trade Terms & Transactions.
02. All Export Import Licensing Formalities.
03. Registration with Export Promotion Councils.
04. Pre & Post Shipment documentations/Custom’s Clearance
05. Export Incentives: DBK, DEPB,DFIA, EPCG, Indigenous Sourcing under EPCG,Refund of TED, ADVANCE Authorization, SION Fixation / Modifications, and Status Certificate etc.
06. SCHEMES UNDER:Served from India, Focus Products, Focus Market, VKGUY and Deemed Exports etc.
07. Repatriation of Undrawn / Outstanding / Dead Export Proceeds & or Settlement/Clearances from Reserve Bank.
08 Export Marketing & Tie ups in USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, EAST AFRICA, NIGERIA, EUROPE, IRAN, RUSSIA & CHINA and other Countries.
09 Import – Export Tariffs/Duties.
10 Import Sourcing of Industrial and or Consumer Products Bulk & or Assorted, Equipments from any Country.
11 Joint Venture Collaborations.
12 Technology Transfer, Tie-ups etc.
13 Opening of Overseas Branch / Trading Offices/WOS.
14 Foreign Business Travel – VISA Guidance.
15 Matters Relating to Custom’s / Reserve Bank / Import Export Deptts.
16 Training & Coaching for International Trade, Export-Import.
17 Placements.
18 Any other allied miscellaneous matters.

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